Small arcade game for project software engineering - 1ba at UA

A compiler for a C subset using antler - 3Ba at UA

Assignments for the course 'data mining' - 1ma at UA

Code for solving decryption assignments - 3BA at UA

Some more code cracking

Distributed domotica system using AVRO - 3Ba at UA

graphics engine for the computer graphics course - 1ba at UA

IGMP implementation for click - 3ba at UA

Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.

project for the course "Machines en Berekenbaarheid" - 2ba at UA

Assignments for the masters course "Modelling of software-intensive systems"

Reports for the course 'Labo computernetwerken' - 3ba at UA

A simple implementation of a neural network

some pricing data analysis

Project databases: home monitoring website - 2ba at UA

Space invaders game for advanced programming course - 2ba at UA

Extentions to the stride simulator - 3Ba at UA

bot generator project for the course "Talen en Automaten" - 1ba at UA